Let’s Coo


Joining a nursery is very often a parent’s first social interaction with other like-minded parents that they haven’t met via common friends. Nursery parents therefore face a specific set of social challenges as they begin their learning journey with their child.

  • Your identity is intrinsically linked with your child. In these circles, you are first known as ‘Sophia’s Mum’ or ‘Elliot’s Dad’
  • Social contact with other parents is limited to drop-off and pick-up, which is often rushed and also varies based on who is doing the pick-up or drop-off on a particular day
  • Hurried collections mean messages are not always passed on regarding nursery events, and slips etc. can be lost in an overflowing bag of dirty clothes and art work.
  • Privacy is key – yours and your child’s. Platforms like Facebook are therefore not appropriate at all.

Most importantly, these are parents you want to get to know better and stay in touch with (after all, your children are likely to be friends for many years!) – but without any contact information, this is impossible to do.


Introducing Coo

Coo is an exciting new group communication and calendar app. Developed for parents, by parents (including a Funshine parent)

Parents can create private groups based on their children’s activities – nursery groups, baby bounce classes, neighbourhood play dates. Each group has a News Feed to share information, photographs and generally have a chat; and a Calendar to keep track of all nursery events, play dates and trips to the park.





More at www.coo.social.